Nike Project Pictures

Can you help me?

Could everyone with pictures or video of the Nike flight at LDRS please send them to:

Wedge Oldham
C/O Arc Machines, Inc.
10500 Orbital Way
Pacoima, CA 91331
I'd be happy to reimburse you for any expenses.

Read the Nike launch report written 08/16/01

Videos Available

All videos taken by Jeff Meacham

Part 1 The Flight Card (size 11.8 Meg)
Part 2 The Launch (size 9.1 Meg)
Part 3 The Recovery (size 8.4 Meg)

Note: These videos were taken 1500' from the launcher.

Nike Launch Pictures

Click HERE to see the proof sheet done by "Photos by Nadine"

Photos by Ron Schiszler

np1-10.jpg (38209 bytes)
np1-20.jpg (54522 bytes)

Photos by Victor Lock


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