Nike Project History 

Project History

June 1998 Built an Estes Phoenix with my son
September 1998 Traveled to Lucerne Dry Lake bed, and launched the Phoenix
October 1998 Attended first HPR launch
Idea for the Nike Project was born
March 1999 Joined Tripoli
April 1999 Certified Level 1
Described idea for the Nike Project to fellow ROC member, asked him to be my project mentor. 
May 1999 Created a FULL size outline drawing of the Nike Project
June 1999 Certified Level 2
August 1999 Created web site describing project.
September 1999 Selected November 2000 as scheduled launch day for the Nike Project
November 1999 Launched first cluster rocket, "Locomotive Breath" on three K1100s
Introduced myself to first TAP committee member and discussed my intentions for the Nike Project
February 2000 First person to sponsor the Nike Project
March 2000 First Nike parts order arrived
Sent E-mail to TAP members requesting permission to begin construction

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