Rail Launcher

"R.A.T.T Works" has modified thier extra heavy duty rail launcher into a trailer launcher, built by Kevin Baxter.  Dave Griffith has generously offered to bring this launcher out to LDRS 2001 in July.  This rail will be brought to Lucerne and will serve as the launch platform for the Nike.
This is really an incredible launcher. Please click on the thumbnails and check out this launcher. Some of the dimension's of the rail launcher, length 60 ft. which breaks down into 3 pieces, has an onboard generator, water tank, hydraulic ram for raising the rail.  It has lights on the rail for night work, and video camera mounts. It sets up easily, in about 15 minutes.  It has successfully launched rockets weighing 500 lbs, with 3,500 lbs. of thrust.

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