Nose Cone Assembly


This picture shows all of the parts for the nose cone of the Nike.  Two body tubes a 6" and a 3.9" have both been covered in two layers 7.5 oz. glass.
The shoulder of the nose cone was made from two 1/2" birch plywood centering rings. The length of the shoulder was made by a 2.5" length of 11.41" PML tube. Notice the notches cut into the edge of the centering rings. This relief allow the tube to sit into the centering rings.  Prior to assembly the ID of the tube will be glassed for added strength.
The 6" tube will serve as the drogue chute compartment. It has a useable internal length of 15" allowing plenty of room for the 15' chute along with 75 feet of 1" tubular nylon shock cord.  Looking down from the top we see plate that the upper tube will rest on. The hole in the center is for the 1/2" hard mount point for the drogue. Epoxied underneath this plate are the Primary, Backup, and R/C controlled ejection holders. 
A test fit of the all the components of the nose cone looks like this. The actual "cone" that will fit into the end of the 3.9" tube, will be turned from maple.
The nose cone will rest on the nose cone coupler. Shown in the two pictures below. This coupler has a 6" coupler on one end, and a 7.5" coupler on the other. A piece of 1/2" all thread runs the length of this with welded eye bolts on either end.  The nose cone coupler along with the 3" length of 11.41" tubing all work together to make the shoulder of the nose cone.

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