Nike Construction - Flywood

The sustainer fins are made out of a sandwich construction of plywood and fiberglass. Three layers of 7.5 oz glass are sandwiched between two layers of 1/8" plywood. Each layer of glass is orientated 45 degrees from the others. 
IM000238 copy.jpg (146647 bytes) Two sheets of flywood were made at the same time. Cinder blocks were set upon a 1/2" sheet of birch plywood. This 1/2" sheet applied and equal pressure to all layer while the epoxy cured.
IM000239 copy.jpg (139486 bytes) After leaving the cinder blocks set for 48 hours, they were removed.
IM000243 copy.jpg (109162 bytes) Here you can see the two sheets of flywood set standing up. Note the excess fiberglass extending out from the two layers.
IM000242 copy.jpg (126981 bytes) A close-up picture of the 1/8" birch plywood, and the three layers of glass.

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