Nike Project Picture Collage

I made this some time ago, and had intended to make it perfect. Turns out perfect was too hard, so I'm leaving it as is. I took a number of construction photos, and bunch of photos taken during the prep of the Nike at LDRS and put them together (along with some music) into a slide show type movie. I was even able to splice in some actually video footage of the flight. Like I said it's not perfect, but every time I's kinda moving.

So before you download the link lemme say a couple of things:
1. It's a BIG file, now I mean really big....12.6 Meg worth of big.
2. DO NOT try and view it from my server, I don't think my server can keep up with the demand. Save the file to the hard drive and watch it from there.
3. In my opinion you need to crank the sound up on this one. I've played it LOUD, and quiet...and it really looses something when played softly.

That's about it... here's the link NikeProject.wmv

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