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My next project is now well underway. If you thought the Nike was something to see, then you'll really be excited to see the next project.

Project Overview

Booster Section

Sustainer Section


  • Booster Recovery: A single 15' chute
  • Sustainer Recovery: A 15' drogue and a 26' main chute.
  • The drogue will be deployed at apogee, slowing the descent speed to 27 feet/second.
  • At 1200' the primary altimeter will fire to deploy the main chute
  • Descent speed after main deployment will be slowed to 9 feet/second.
  • At 1000' the backup altimeter will fire, to clear the main if needed.

Flight Configurations

Configuration July 2001

Four K700 motors in the booster section, staging to an M1939 in the Sustainer.
Air starting four H73 motors.
Total Impulse: 20410 NS (99%"N"), within the California limit of 20,480 NS.
Altitude: 7,570 feet, Velocity: 0.54 Mach (see note#1)

Configuration July 2002

Four M1315 motors in the booster section, staging to an N2000.
Air starting four H73 motors.
Total impulse 40,953 NS (100% "O"), within the Tripoli limit of 40,960 NS.
Altitude: 12,175 feet, Velocity: 0.63 Mach (see note#2)
Note #1: This performance data is based upon the current best estimate of rocket weight.
Note #2: This performance data is based upon previous flight performance.

Launch Schedule

  • After it's flights at LDRS 20 & 21 there are no future plans to fly the Nike again. The rocket still sits in my garage, and is flyable with some minor booster work, and a rebuild of the nose cone. There were some (temporary) thoughts of destroying the Nike, but on the advice of friends I've decided to keep it. There's also the thought of truly finishing the project complete with all decals and markings, and a beautiful paint job.

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